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Tina Mutalib's Bachelorette Trip!

Hi! Greeting from office and all the gloomy day in Dungun! Monsoon is here so it’s that time of the year where waking up is the hardest thing to do.
So today I will talk about our bachelorette trip to Singapore. Only 4 of us like usual. Finally, Ain said yes to our trip. Even kitaorang perlu ke Selatan untuk dia. As long as she is with us okay lah. Plan asal nak ke hatyai sebab nak naik KTM! Tapi kena tukar. Singapore here we come!

It’s more to leisure trip, don’t have any main attraction this time, totally skipping on USS, Lumina Walk, Garden by The Bay, thank god jugak actually, sebab we are totally late that day. Aku datang from Dungun khamis malam, bus pukul 11.40 malam and sampai Putrajaya Sentral around 5.00 a.m. and Along bawak pergi breakfast dekat mamak. Hell yeah good food always make me happy.
Spent the day dekat ioi city mall and pergi cyberjaya makan benda entah Kakak bawakkan. Oh btw shemah tumpang tidur rumah Along that night, because we have super early flight to cat…

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