Happy Birthday~ Yeappo

By Ainin Alya - September 08, 2015

Today is the day we celebrate your birthdayyy.. Have a blast one. may Allah put you on peace always and always..

Have a great year ahead, a year older to be more pretty, successful, loving, healthy. May this year bring more wonderful thing to you. And TQ adik manis for being such a great partner in my life. THIS DECEMBERRR! May our dream come true and for our 2017 thing lets make it real too.

Sorry x dapat ade next to you untuk sambut hari ini. Rindu doh ke mu! Dop sabor nak jumpe mu. Nk story mory mcam dulu.. Hehehe

Ape-ape pun. Happy Birthday The sweetest partner in crime. Tq for always there true thick and thin. May this friendship lasting forever, sampai masing2 dh berkedut!! Jangan lupe
"mu ade aku, aku ade mu"!!

Nah adioh kek, nnt december tuntut satu kek dr ak kat sane!!! Yeayyyyy~~~
Sayang mu wuli Woo Zico.. p/s: Mino hensem gilerrr!!!

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