By Ainin Alya - October 29, 2017

4th day in Sapporo. A last day with car. So Along decide nak pergi Rera Premium Outlet. Dekat dengan airport, just google the way. Trust me I know nothing about all those place. Trust me. What to do in Premium Outlet? Sight seeing. Tak heaven macam Paju Premium Outlet. Brand tak banyak sangat pun. Mungkin sebab weekday so lengang lah sikit

 Just beli handkerchief for myself, chocolate for Tina & Shemah and that all. Ada special area untuk kids. Toys heaven. AJ lost half of their mind there. And Cik Su still missing TMSKI in Malaysia. Hurm. Main baik-baik abe.

Hantar kereta dekat giler dengan Stellar Place. Ada apa dekat Stellar Place?? Ada LUSHHHH!!! Omg my first Lush experience and I love it so much. So good. So wangi. Lots of choice. Bath bomb heaven. Gift set yang so great. And sis going nuts! Buy just a few. Just for myself. Spent quite a time jugak. Sebab can’t decide.

My first ever Lush Visit, and damn this place is a total heaven. Look at those bath bombs, those gift set. Can someone surprise me with that and i will love you forever. Buy a mask and face mist for me. So far okay je lagi dengan skin. Mask dia best giler. So smoothing.

 And stop dekat next building, a connected building. A shopping place. Pergh ada dekat 7-8 floor. And every floor ada different things, so weh to much things. Bag, jam, make up, game, toys, shoes. And aku repeat lagi tempat ni. Sebab macam banyak lagi duit tak habis ni. Kene habiskan jugak. Dekat sini Loft. A stationery heaven. Where I end up beli 4 rolls of washi, pens and a book.

5th day in Sapporo. Finally a city tour. Ku sangkakan habis lah kan sehari, cis tak sampai 3 jam pun dah selesai dah every pit-stop. Sebab semua dekat-dekat je. Walk distance and weather sangat-sangat membantu. Tak hujan, tak panas just perfect. Owh today ada warning about those rocket yang North Korea lancer ke arah Japan. Hokkaido to be exact. Damn nye. Tapi local macam tak kesah sangat, mungkin dah biasa dapat warning macam tu.

 Taking a lot picture today. Even hujan, it wont stop me posing. Pastu hello Along punya family picture so damn nice tau. I did a good job and i know it. Flip hairs again.

Like seriously cantik kan gambar aku ambik. Thank you for the compliment.

Odori Park

Old Goverment Building

Odori park, Sapporo TV Tower, Sapporo old Government Building, Sapporo Clock Tower are must visit place if you come to Sapporo. Just walk distance between this place. Signboard is everywhere. Local are love to help. They are friendly even tak faham apa kita cakap. But they are friendly. Nampak semangat nak tolong. And I love it. Just enjoy the picture. Enjoy look at my face.

A must list kalau dalam Sapporo City. Banyak signboard around the place. And enjoy the view along the walk. Seriously you might find the hidden gem during these walk.

And my favourite picture of twins. My own life time bodyguard. 

Next stop kami singgah dekat Konokuniya ( A fabric heaven ) calling all the fabric lover. Like Along. Along spent around 1 hour here. Every single floor along singgah and I’m the one who dying. Guess what along why?? Yeap Along beli benang. Sebab dia kata, benang macam tu taka da dekat Malaysia. I will always love you Along. Next aku singgah Forever 21. Yeay for twining purse with Mama. Hahaha. Forever 21 ni kan, lahai why every things is so me. Why I love every things inside it.

Jalan-jalan around the place. Dah dekat pukul 6 jugak kot masuk underground, on the way nak balik rumah. And I found my old good glorious love. LOTERIA! Yeay for shrimp burger. I cry eating you sayang. Siap beli extra weh sebab over glorious kot shrimp burger. Last time makan dekat seoul, and I have been fall in love. Please bukak and sell this shrimp burger dekat Malaysia. Please.

 So along nak singgah Daichi lagi, and aku decide untuk tak join. So walk home with Johan. Because Johan is bae in accompany me. Xoxo. 

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