By Ainin Alya - June 28, 2018

Hi, finally writing something in 2018. It's already been 6 months since we welcome 2018. This year been so rough and tough to me. When i thought it will be such an amazing year, Allah show me difference ways.

I lost Mama, she left me forever, and it's hurt so much each day. 2nd April 2018 will live forever in my heart, the day when i last see her, i touch her, i hug her. I will do everything i could to see her again, but Allah love her more, Allah love her more, much more then i do.

I try to live the days just like usual day, full of laugh, talk and good work, i hope i doing good and great. But deep down in my heart, it would never be the same. Back at home, it feel so empty and that hurt more then anything else. How i longing for her, wish to talk to her again, touch her. I miss every single things i have done for her. 

Mama would be proud of me today, she will feel so proud of me. And i will do anything to make her proud each day. I visit Mama grave mostly everyday, i will do it as much as i could. There's so much things i want to do with her, doing it over and over again.

Nothing much happening this year, not even travelling out anywhere yet. Plan a few things for end of the year and next year. Ohh... Tina will get married next year, one of biggest event for us. I wish i could provide as much as i can for her.

There is nothing much happen, there's nothing to write about. Till we meet again dear blog. I will be better and tell a better stories. 

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