By Ainin Alya - August 31, 2018

Hello beloved and sweet heart!
So do you ever hear “unplanned things are the best kind of plan” ?? so last day before Eidul Adha, Hajar, Intan and me decide to have a girl’s day out! Decide to spent the whole day together. And that day pun Damia ade wedding, so just hop on the plan! And it’s the best ever.

Jumpa hajar last masa raya hari tu and intan jumpa bulan 4, but both of them dah years kot x jumpa!
So aritu apply cuti, making it 5 days of holiday, damn a good holiday.. Back to the story, intan sampai Dungun pukul 12.00 tengah hari and straight to Kuala Terengganu and jalan Jam lah pulop. And Arjuna are such a baby! Super cute and manja! Senyum manis nak mampus and thank you Juna be such a great and good baby for your mommy and kakak-kakak. Tak nangis, tak meragam, he totally give us a chance to have fun.

Sampai Kuala Terengganu dalam pukul 2.00 p.m dah. Go straight to Damia punya wedding and since diet kan, sis just makan lauk pauk sikit because we will devour on Seoul Garden later.

Damia look super pretty, she always thou. Lepak kejap je dekat wedding Mia, nanti-nanti kita jumpa lagi. And damn Terengganu are super jam packed that, why is everyone out when we decide to hang out? Next stop is Paya Bunga Square for my beautiful Seoul Garden. RM47/person so kami memang makan sebanyak yang mungkin. Lepak quite a while and we have a lot of things to talk, time fly fast that day.

And of course what hang out without a good photo. Lalu dekat area Kampung Cina and stop for a photo session. Totally love my babe because we take a good photo of each other.

And decide to have a coffee session sekejap, belanje the girls with cheap coffee from mc café. Owh also bagikan hadiah birthday Hajar, hope she like it. And need to prepare for Intan birthday gift.

And till we meet again baby girls! Rindu dah semua ni, rindu dah mengumpat sampai sakit mulut, rindu dah nak bercakap sampai habis idea, rindu dah nak ketawa tak ingat Juna nak tidur dekat  belakang. Rindu dah semua!

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