Genting Highlands

By Ainin Alya - October 30, 2018

Hello, finally bringing myself out again after quite a while. 2018 been too rough too handle. 

Back to topic, so last 12 October my office-mate said "Jom pergi jenjalan", so bincang let's go to Genting Highland, since x pernah sampai lagi Premium Outlet dekat sana. Ka Da, Kak Nurul & Me yang pergi this time sebab nak apply cuti beramai-ramai itu sangat mustahil.

Start our journey at 7.30 a.m. and stop dekat Paka for breakfast around pukul 8.30 a.m. start the real journey. Sampai di Genting pukul 12.30 p.m. check in terus di Hotel Seri Malaysia RM230 per night for triple room. And tandas bilik tu flush rosak, dah inform pun still tak datang repair. What the hell awak. After quick rest, kami ke Sky Avenue. Untuk ke Sky Avenue, boleh drive atau naik cable car. Untuk cable car pun ada dua station, Awana Station dan Gohtong Jaya Station. Kami naik di Awana Station, station ini dibelakang Genting Premium Outlet je. Senang untuk nak cari. Tiket untuk cable car ini RM7 one way untuk basic gondola. Untuk yang glass gondola RM33 one way. Tiket boleh purchase di kaunter and ada disediakan mesin untuk beli sendiri. 

Never a fan of high altitude and never will be. You can choose to ride with only with in your group or mix with others. Since masa pergi tu tak sibuk, so we decide untuk naik just 3 of us in a gondola. Don't have a proper shoot dalam cable car because sis is freaking scare. 10 minutes ride from Awana station and memang sampai terus ke dalam Sky Avenue.

Sky Avenue is mesmerizing, so much good outlet and brand. Super big too! Decide to grab lunch first thing first, stop to eat at DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE. The interior are super pretty and so insta-worthy. 

Service are super good, makan cepat sampai maybe because tak ramai sangat orang that day, and food taste are not bad, nasi goreng dia quite meh, burger taste super good and the mac & cheese are marvelous. The portion for food are okay, but untuk air damn sooo sikit. Hello i drink super banyak air. 

What is Sky Avenue without shopping. Do some good damage here to. Mana Ainin yang cakap datang nak ambik gambar je, mana Ainin yang cakap nak tengok-tengok je, i don't know that Ainin at all this day. Pusing a few hours and decide pergi ke GPO after that. Ride the cable car back and i still hate the cable car so much! Why someone decide to built that thing? Why?

Owh a new theme park still in progress, can't wait untuk siap and hello theme park!

Spent the whole evening di GPO. Victoria Secret have sale that day, 50% discount for body mist & body cream. Buy a few untuk stock. Pergi Universal Traveler ada winter coat RM92, a good bargain to be honest, the quality are good, so sis beli lagi. And beli accessories for my winter trip this December. 

Introduce you guys to Kak Nurul & Kak Da, perfect partner in crime. To many more sudden trip after this. And that is among a few decoration for christmas dekat GPO, i don't know why they celebrate it a lot earlier. Wrap the day with food dekat food court GPO, mahal nak mati engkau! Ape benda Mee TomYam sampai RM17. Ape kau letak lobster dalam tom yam!

Day 2

Day 2 is all about flower, strawberry, cactus and all the nature! 
Have a good breakfast dekat hotel, ada bubur, mee kari, mee hoon, nasi lemak and a few more stuff. Hotel Seri Malaysia ni dekat dengan Strawberry Leisure Farm, jalan kaki pun boleh, tapi sis malas nak jalan kaki. Parking free je area tempat tu. Entry Fee RM12, and boleh beli strawberry even pick sendiri strawberry. Tapi kami tidak berminat kerana mahal. Strawberry x banyak pun, x merah, x besar mana pun. So tak beli dekat sini, beli dekat Mini Cameron nanti. 

But! Flowers dekat sini banyak giler! Even got hydrangeas okay, so many color of it!! Farm ini besar, spent quite a morning. Datang awal, tak panas, tak ramai sangat orang. Masa nak balik tu makin ramai yang sampai. So untuk ambik gambar tu susah lah. 

A few pictures from the farm sebab sis punya camera crash time nak copy gambar. Super stupid. Rasa macam wehhhh susah kot aku ambik gambar why rosak! Dalam tu nanti ada jual pokok-pokok and a few makanan, ada coffee strawberry, ice cream and a few dessert. 
Group Mak Cik Bawang

Singgah dekat Mini Cameron, ada tempat makan dekat sini, tak non halal maybe. Tak singgah for food. There is dozens of orchid, mama favourite. Sis decide to not enter the shop just because. Just because i miss her. So wrap the shopping dekat situ. Please buy ice cream strawberry dekat sini sebab sedap giler, sedap sangat RM2 je sebatang. Please try kalau dah datang sini.

Next kami pergi The Chocolate Gallery, kedai ini sebaris je dengan Hotel Seri Malaysia. And yep end the tour in 5 minutes. Nothing to see, nothing to taste, price never on our side. So good bye beautiful chocolate. 

Start the journey back to Dungun. Tersinggah di Bukit Tinggi. Finally crossing another wish list. Sampai tu dah hujan pulak. The weather so gloomy but it's okay, i'm a lot more gloomier then that. 

Entry Fee to enter the Colmar Tropicale RM15. Yep mahal and totally just sight seeing things. Ada a few shop, ada Starbucks, ada gift shop and a few more. Worth it kalau nak ambik gambar cantik, sis ambik gambar, tapi camera problem. So goodbye good photo. 


Asking a stranger took our picture without feeling embarrassing is a new achievement i got today. So after lots of photo, decide nak naik ke Japanese Village. Quite a ride juga naik atas tu, and bila sampai tu, hujan lebat and we actually have to walk up stair, ingat boleh drive sampai village tu. So just ride turun balik. We that is the wrap for our weekend trip. Oh, we also drive thru Mc'Donalds just because we want ice cream salted caramel.

Sampai Dungun around 7.45 p.m later that evening. And sis tidur dengan baik that night.

Budget : 
Minyak & Tol from Dungun : RM66/person
Hotel : RM77/person
Makan : RM77
Entry Fee : 
Cable Car : RM14
Strawberry Field Farm : RM12
Colmar Tropicale : RM15
And sis buy a lotttttttttt of stuff. So no need to write it dalam budget!

And can't wait for Tina's Bachelorette trip this November!

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