Seoul, South Korea - Day 1

By Ainin Alya - December 31, 2018

Greeting from the last day of 2018, about to welcome 2019 with lots of love and good health. With a lot of things happen this year, i hope i could learn from the mistakes, embrace the great memories and be wiser then this year. There is so much up and down this year, but i definitely stronger then yesterday.

Okay back to main topic, i just get back from my SEOUL LAND, MY OPPA LAND! Fuh, back there after solid 3 years, and i still in love with that city, still love the vibe and of course still love the oppa there!. Crossing a few things from my wish list from this trip. And seriously, i’m ready to be back again there.

Trip consist regular person, Along and Family. Okay i really need to find another travel mate. Trip from 10-18 December, another winter trip. I thought i am ready for the cold weather, but i’m not, fuhhh sejuk dia bukan main wehhh. Sumpah even 4 layer baju pun still rasa sejuk tuh.

Second time here pun still miss out few places from the itinerary, damn should be back there lain season lah, winter sejuk keti weh. Tapi that feel macam balik kampung game are so strong. Sumpah i’m feel so familiar with the places.

Sehari before that, aku naik bas from Dungun, bas pukul 2.30 p.m and sampai Putrajaya around 9.30 p.m, jumpa kakak and pergi makan MCd je for that night. Meet up dengan Along dekat sana and decide untuk over night dekat airport je night. Since flight pagi tu pukul 7.30 a.m., berkampung di airport sangat lah menyeronokkan.

Super duper excited to fly again. Everything went smoothly dekat airport, sampai Incheon airport 03.40 p.m SK time. Take an AREX 8000 won to Seoul Station, we are staying dekat rumah uncle, same Airbnb we rent on our first trip to Seoul. I love the house so much, easy access to Seoul Station, near to Lotte Mart, Seoullo 7017 just around the corner and I love the house.

Reach our Airbnb at 05.00 p.m, rest sekejap dekat rumah, and to Lotte Mart we go. The stuff not as cheap macam dulu, even time late night sale pun tak semurah last time, but still we got to eat salmon & mackerel the whole trip. Strawberry sedap manis sangat! could it eat everyday. Sumpah those berries so different when you eat it at home.

There so much things i do on this trip. Down here i list a few things that i cross from this trip. 
  • Buy a new sneakers 
  • Walk alone
  • Enjoy coffee alone
  • Witness the magical snow day
  • Speak Korea with Korean
  • Eat teokpokki
  • Watch a parade
Will talk more about our trip to Seoul in up coming post. Till then happy new year! 

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