By Ainin Alya - January 01, 2019

Start day 2 with an amazing cold weather. Keluar awal from house, first destination today is Gwanghamun Square & Gyeongbuk Palace. From Seoul Station, take Line 1 toward Jongno-3(sam) transfer there and turun at Gwanghamun Station, you can choose exit 1,2 & 8. And we choose the wrong exit, last time keluar exit terus nampak King Sejong Statue, this time kene menapak jauh sikit. Thank god, the view so cantik.
Take lots of picture during the walk. Like this Hanok house yang jumpa tengah jalan, never see this one before, not sure sebenarnya rumah ape, office kot or kedai, sebab ada je orang keluar masuk dalam rumah ni. so cute, sebab keliling dia semua modern building, tetiba kat tengah tu ada this traditional house.
After that you will see Admiral Yi Sun Sin statue from a far, don't have any picture and you will see King Sejong statue after that. Like this picture. Just behind that you will see Gyeongbuk Palace, and sis terover awal, palace tak bukak pun lagi. Palace open from 09.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. and close on Tuesday.
Ramai sangat orang that day, ada macam 'tunjuk perasaan' or what ntah dekat situ. Bagi speech belah sini, belah sana duk menari menyanyi. Fuhh what an intensive morning for them. From Gyeongbuk palace you can walk to Samcheon Dong & Bukchon Hanok Village. But before that, please enjoy my photo down here and i want to dedicated a wonderful thank you to Johan for an amazing photo thru the holiday. You have grown up so much.
After you pass Gyeongbuk palace, you will see The National Folk Museum of Korea, free entry. Recommend place! Sepanjang jalan tu, you will see lots of this wall, stop almost ever minute for photo. Cantik sangat untuk background any photo. And why i put that freaking glove inside the pocket, i hate that bulging! Urgh totally ruin my photo right?
Inside that  folk museum ada lot of things to see, ada display stuff, old ceramic, all those museum stuff. Not spent much time there sebab sejuk keti lah wehhh. Inside ada satu beautiful building, take dozens of photo depan tu, and damn i love good photo.
The kids grow up so much, dah pandai request for the good picture, update ig stories, request an expensive gift and many more. Super love this trip, because we have the whole time for us, nothing to rush and i just break my own records, i walk 20k today okay! like fuh there goes my legs on the first day.
From there you can walk straight and cross the road to samcheon dong. There so much beautiful shop here, eat my favourite hotteok there, speak korea, fuhh. Still in love with this area even on second time, so peaceful. Ada new mural there, this old people kiss, and i love it so much! Such a good photo right, so beautiful.
And after you pass Kiehl's shop, you will see simpang, go straight je. Around there akan ada macam a volunteer yang akan help out. Give out the maps, and will show there way to Bukcheon Hanok Village. Yep you will walk like crazy, but it's will worth it. Even this time, we don't find the right area. Maybe we miss the cross or something but we don't find the right place, but any hanok house will be fine. Can i talk about something, i just buy 15000 won planner because there is Kang Daniel picture and because the auntie who sell it so nice and i just fcuk up!
After spent the evening there and after that we go to MyeongDong! The land of cosmetic and all the money go er! From there, jalan sampai Anguk station and kena transfer dekat Chungmuro and go to Myeongdong station. Take exit 5,6,7 or 8. I take exit 6 and just right at the center of MyeongDong. Where all the money goes. Makan dekat Yoogane again, order fried rice, ramyun, rice cake. Those cabbage salad sedap nk mampus weh.
Do some shopping there, start survey Fila sneaker, duk call dengan Hajar, ambik gambar, try berjenis kasut and still cannot decide with one. It's okay, i definitely be back again to Myeongdong. Keluar masuk Innisfree, Face Shop, Banila Co fuhhh all the skin care. Btw dulu, masuk pun dah dapat free mask, these day tak de sangat. Dah beli pun mcm tak dapat sangat sample skin care dah. And sis lalu depan stylenanda tu sampai dua kali, tapi tak masuk. Pastu dah sampai Malaysia fikir balik, kenapa aku tak masuk eh, even benda tu memang dalam list tempat aku nak pergi? Why eh?
Look at the people there! Ramai giler orang that day, makin lewat makin ramai orang dekat sana. All the street food there, sangat-sangat mengoda. Hunt for good ice cream and bump into that tall ice cream, 2000 won, perasa mangga are so good! Beli satu kongsi 3 orang with the twin, along and abg syed dah sesat dalam Daiso. Waiting game in that freezing weather are not cool at all Along! As we walk back, jumpa orang jual dalgona! Yeayyy last time aritu Hajar cari jugak benda ni,tapi tak jumpa. Dalgona ni actually, gula pastu die cairkan, jadi hangus pastu letak shape pastu biarkan keras. Rasa exactly macam gula cair, tak lah pahit sampai hangus rasa. Faham kan?
Wrap the day with super tired leg, and hidung dah berair and duit dah surut. Sampai rumah cook a delicious meal and of course nasi sampai 10kg habis sepanjang seminggu. And today actually snowing at Nami Islands and these Malaysian in us hate our self sebab tak check lebih awal! So macam tetiba tukar plan, esok kita pergi Nami Islands, even dah tak snow, kita pergi Nami Islands tomorrow.

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