By Ainin Alya - February 18, 2019

Finally rajin untuk sambung write pasal Seoul trip. For day 5, we are going to EVERLAND!! Land of cold weather and exciting game. Buy ticket from klook, RM99 per person. And thank you along for the ticket. Really love it.

Ada a few ways untuk ke Everland from Seoul, before this kami naik subway, kena tukar a few stops so this time decide untuk take a bus. Yeay for 1 hour 15 min bus ride. So from Seoul Station, take subway to Sadang Station, from there take Exit 3, take Bus No. 1500-2, you will have a long ride of bus, but i sure love the bus ride.

Last time here, tak pergi area zootopia. So this time, first sekali memang pergi area sana dulu. Bad news is Lost Valley & Safari World tutup. Tak sure tutup the whole day ke time kitaorang dekat area tu. Sebab still early in the morning that time. Banyak jugak ride tutup awal tu, angin kuat sikit je pun. T-Express pun tutup awal-awal tu, dah tengah hari sikit baru dia bukak. 

The only animal that fat but so cute. AJ sure love the animal. They have so much fun here actually. Tapi sebagai bukan pencinta haiwan, aku and Along sure have the hard time. The panda so cute thou. Only it, just it. Owh there is penguin to, and tiger. Hella big tiger.

Sun shine so bright, the coldness never go away. And old me can't take any ride that day. Tak try any extreme ride pun. Memang just have a leisure ride, naik merry-go-round sampai 2 kali. Pastu game lain pun macam biasa-biasa je yang aku try. Oh, pastu naik sky lift ni, more pada ride untuk move around the park, and aku hingat bese bese je weh, pastu rasa macam damn open air nye benda ni, ape bende tahan pukat hijau je dekat bawah. Pastu aku yang memang not fan of heights ni mula lah insecure dengan benda, tapi masa tu dah tengah-tengah dah.

And please appreciate your travel partner who can take a good photo, because i don't have one. Hahah. So AJ must be so tired today, because both of them doing a bad job in taking photo that day. You can compare it down here, and sis love my new shoes. Hahahahah. Ingat nak pakai dekat Malaysia je nanti, pastu Johan nk pinjam kasut yang lama, so bukak lah kasut baru di bumi Seoul. 


Tunggu sampai parade that night, sejuk nak mampus weh that night, maybe reach -7 c okay, tahan sejuk sebab nak tengok parade. And it's really worth it, so cantik, so happening, the performer are so friendly!!! They must love the job so much. Dalam sejuk keti tu pun, senyum manis je masing-masing! Good Job everyone.

After wrap the day with good Loterria Shrimp burger, balik rumah and terus pengsan. Everland really-really drain every energy you have. Like all of it! Everland winter decoration are the boom, sumpah love all the lights, and of course new EVERLAND sign are so great!

Good bye Everland, till next time. Or maybe this is last time. Or maybe we will meet again one time. or maybe two more time. Tengok lah gambar ni semua, sebab hello sis tak nak spam my ig.


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