By Ainin Alya - May 25, 2019


Hello, touch down dekat Avalon pukul 8.45 a.m., the airport kecik gilos.. Untuk Immigration check, not really strict, they ask a few question, plan for today, nak pergi mana, stay dekat mana, and the best part, hello kitaorang 4 orang memang pergi sekali, depan kaunter sampai 4 orang, so basically tak lah nervous sangat kan, sebab masing-masing tolong back up. And alhamdullilah semua lancar so let's go to next chapter.

Take Skybus to Southern Cross Station, $24 for one way, ada wifi dalam bus, bus ride take around 45-50min, and sis love bus ride so much!! Sampai Southern Cross Station, and terus ke Avis car rent office. Just next to Southern Cross Station je. Settle everything around 11.50 a.m., pergi beli Simcard dekat 7 Eleven, kitaorang pilih OPTUS simcard $30 for 35GB. Kene isi a lotssss of stuff masa nak sign in tu. Fuhhh!! Thank godness sis is so patience* dalam mengisi semua benda. Can’t wait for road trip!!


From Avis car rent office to our first Airbnb take around 3 hours. Have a few pit stop along the way too. Singgah cari kebab dekat area Ballarat. And Ballarat are so cantik. Ada a few old building and the autumn leaves about to turn yellow. Actually nak cari satu kedai kebab dekat area Ballarat, ikut GPS sampai situ, tapi kedai dah tak de. So balik tangan kosong without any kebab. But the view around Ballarat are so pretty, everything worth it!


And of course the view all along the way to Airbnb so nice. All the field yang fuhhhh besar giler, and the cow, the sheep are so beautiful. Okay macam hello Malaysia pun ada everything, tapi arghh sis love the weather, the air and sis ofcos love tempat orang.

And start hunting for Costco and Woolworths for all the groceries! My favourite part of travelling is exploring their mart, all the snack, drink, chocolate terutamanys that time dekat dgn Easter so there’s like million of chocolate and everything look so good!!. Buy a bunch of stuff, and this Dare coffee drink are so sedap, beli berbotol2 sepanjang dekat sana. This Dare coffee are the boom! So much better then Barista coffee.

Sampai dekat Airbnb around 06.30 p.m and sis fall in love with that airbnb! 5 stars for the viewwwww.. arghh this owner must be super rich, with 10 hectares of field, beautiful place, pastu lahai rumah die je wehhh tengah-tengah padang. And sis actually make a mistake, book airbnb yang stay dengan owner, kekek. Since dah order last minute kan, redha je lah, nak yang budget kan.

Oh, this airbnb pun macam ada simple kitchen, just microwave, toaster, heater je, no wet kitchen, so no nasik for us for 3 days! Noooo.. Malay in me need nasik okay! The living room besar and of course the view all around the house are worth everything.

Nice and super comfy bed for all of us!! Serious bed die soft giler, pastu mula ar susah nak bangun tidur weh pagi-pagi.  Tandas also so cantik, ada bathtub tapi sis is so tired nak berendam dalam bathtub weh. Even dah beli bath boom, still tak boleh nak guna. p/s : Thank you Hajar for all the gambar dalam rumah!

Dah check in tu, sis rehat-rehat dulu. Buat simple makan-makan. After that, turun bawah, take a millions photo dengan Hajar. Pusing the whole place, stop here and there. The owner have 2 dogs, and a pig or maybe a few more pigs. Okay sis tengok pig dekat-dekat, amazed kejap dengan that pig!! Hahaha. Bukan nye selalu boleh jumpa pig depan mata gitu!

Wrap the day with simple food, sandwich and salad. So english kan!! Tidur a little bit awal today because tomorrow will be along dayyyy!!!
And my favorite picture of us is born today! Sandar phone atas pasu, pasang timer, penuh gigih untuk gambar yang so cantik.. Arghh totally missing this place! 

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