By Ainin Alya - July 13, 2019

Hi, so since sis try to upgrade or like write a lot more things on my blog, not just about travelling or typical raya post. So I need to find a lots nice topic to cover, a few more stuff that I love and excited to talk about. One of it must be food. As a freaking hungry person 24 hours a day, I surely love to eat. To explore more about new menu on town, new restaurant and of course anything viral on social media.

So for now, I will update about my food journey, all the good food I eat during my trip or just a normal day out with my friends. All the food during iftar, or a signature, traditional food that taste extra good also will be update. As for now, I will update past food I been eating.

For this posting, I will talk about my trip to KL with Hajar, and we eat like serious deal of food! Like damn we try a lot of new stuff and we totally having a blast eating.

We try K-Fry, and it’s so good! Like serious deal good. We order K'RAZY SPICY CHEESY FRIED CHICKEN BUMBUK price around RM51.90, so we about to get super greedy, tapi adik tu cakap akak, yang ni banyak tau, better order dulu 1 set, nanti akak order lagi kalau nak add-on anything. Thank god kami decide untuk order just one set. Sebab yang tu pun tak habis, terpaksa bungkus bawak balik. Kami makan dekat KLCC punya K-FRY and masa tu macam dah fikir mesti ramai orang kan. Uh btw kami pergi around 11 a.m. okay, sebab dah sampai kL pun pukul 4 pagi, terus merempat takde tempat nak lepak. Fuhh the rhyme. So kami booking from the website je, letak time and date nak pergi, pastu berapa orang and if nak makan yang KFRY CHICKEN BUMBUK that kene inform terus.


The deco dekat kedai, sangat cantic, even tak boleh nak choose seat mana pun, ada seat yang cantik, tak de orang duduk pun, tapi tak boleh nak duduk. So huh! The staff of course friendly kan, sebab die tolong sedarkan diri kami untuk jangan nak over sangat order tu.

Food taste : 5 stars
Love the cheese!! Super sedap! And of course the chicken is so juicy, the sauce so spicy so it’s double the sedap!

Price : 4 stars
Quite pricing, but maybe because the food portion is big, and it’s quite high end shop kan. Pastu macam hello branding kene good, so price pun kene good!

As I write this, I’m totally craving to KFRY again! Arghh need to plan a trip to KL for more KFRY and tons of more good juicy fried chicken.

Next food we try is, KakiGori Dessert. It's so sedap and cantik! The ice so smooth, so soft. Pastu hello memang 100% instagram ready ar dessert ni. Ramai sangat orang that time, pastu kene tunggu seat, pastu ingat nak give up, tapi sis tak goyang kalau bab makanan. So tunggu, right after orang blah, terus duduk. Tak kisah ar seat macam mana, asal boleh duduk dan makan. 

We order Watermelon with Rose Espuma price RM17. Order just one, and share with Hajar. Lepak kemain lama jugak sebab masing-masing actually dah kenyang, tapi sebab nak jugak rasa kan. 

Ada bunch of other menu, tapi tak order lah kan. Sis memang tak akan mampu nak habiskan semua, yang ni pun duk gaduh dengan Hajar nak suruh habiskan.

And that is for my first post about food. Many more to come after this.

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