By Ainin Alya - October 10, 2020

 Hello there! It's been awhile since i write here. Nothing much happen this past months. Stuck at work and home, trying to stay indoor as much as i can, limit my time outdoor, not meeting much people and trying my best to stay out from any event.

Since i need to stay indoor as much as need, i decide to do some room makeover or re-deco or lets-waste-our-money-and-be-happy deco. I first decide to do room deco right before MCO start, so i start with repaint my wall, since MCO start lots of shop is closed, so i have limit choice of color. Out of knowhere, i choose orange color, like hello its boho natural season! But like seriously it's not my color at all!! So since dah beli kan, so sis just go with it! 


So this is my room at first. Lots of color! Hahah. So after some times past, sis just cant with the color, so i choose to paint my wall again! With a better color and lots of more stuff to change. This time i take it seriously! The color must be ease to my heart. So i decide to color blue, color Majestic Serene Blue (Jotun). It's like my favorite color for now. There is lot of flaw in my paint skill, but just screw it. It's for me and for me alone to look!

I also get hook up with plant crazeee! Like sis have tons of plant inside my room right now, and might adding more after this. But sis try to stay calm and modest about it. I'm scare once the craze is off, i need to giving out to much. So yeah just enough to giving out later on. Oh also, i add an aircond inside my room, and sleep be muchhh more better also my electric bill. Been amazing since.

I have so much love for my bedroom now, lots of lovely corner, ootd place, coffee area, reading place and my nest never been better. Like over here is my ootd area, even sis just wear same tudung for a week, but still i need to picture it, also this is Rania official picture area! She been taking tons of photo here.

I paste tons of picture from pinterest here, also photos from my trip oversea. Might throw it out later, but for now, it's pretty over there. The mirror from Ikea, brought it from Aikeaa Dungun instead. Cart from ikea, bought it like years back, but i spray it gold instead, look much better. Buy the pampas from shoppe, dried flower from Bunga Sayang, Florist in Kuala Terengganu. And my baby Rubber plant and kalanchoe. Bought from local nursery, my new favorite place in Dungun. Rug from Kaison and love from Ainin.



Once in awhile i will move stuff around, for now, i might settle with this one. Below is from last week, but i need to move my plant near the window, since it need more light, so yeah, trying the best for babies plant.

After that, lets welcome my others babies.. I place most of my plant here, also my books, and others stuff, i need to buy more storage to place little stuff. Curtain from Kaison, shelf from Ikea and mostly plant is from local nursery. Can't wait for them grow big and make mommy happy.

My plan for now, is to put fairy lights around this place. Since i am rarely turn on my main light, so i need more little light to make me feel cozier inside. Really bad in deco smaller stuff, like where should i put that pot, how many book is great number, are this is even pretty?! But for now, if i am happy with it, so be it. May my plant grow big, beautifully and healthier.


From here, lets me bring you to one of my favorite corner in my room! My coffee area! Yes you read it right, i put my coffee machine in my bedroom, why? Because i can! I bought this machine last month during 09.09 sale on lazada. Hurray for a lovely coffee machine, been on my wishlist like years now. To finally have this like so amazing for me. To many more coffee each day!

Next to it, i put coffee pots, more cups and my caramel sauce and Monin Syrup. I never know, Dungun have Monin syrup shop. Like i been looking in mart before, after google around, i found shop name Meriah Dungun, they have tons of monin syrup, monin sauce and others brand to. Like lots of choice to choose, and the owner are super friendly to. 

Next to it, is my study table or may snack eating table, movie table and all others stuff i can do with table! Bought this table from shopee, since table i order from Ikea is out of stock, and i need table urgently that time, i settle with this table for now.

I don't have lastest picture of it, here is picture from last week. Nothing much is change since that, other then, my table don't have any plant on it any more, move all of it. And yeah that all the changes i think. Since this table is next to my bed, i put my night lamp on it, easy to reach and safe that way. As for now, i'm using old chair, want to buy new once since forever. Never found what i want and yeah not on my top list for now.

As for my bed, i'm using day bed as my bed, such a pretty bed isn't pretty? Along gift this bed for my birthday, even my birthday is in November, i claim it a little bit early!. And as you can see, my wall is in two color over here, yep sis is giving up to paint it, since i need to take dawn my shelf, and i know i'm not capable to put it back on. So be it! Oh Along bought the bed from shopee, and quilt and sheet from IKEA, shelf, vases, and frame all from IKEA. 

Need to step up my game on this shelf, been abandon it for a few times now. Over here i put a dried flower, Kakak bought it from Cameron, My money plan, air humidifier from shopee. Artwork from pinterest, and My Mama photo. Also there's Hajar photo beside the plant, but not clear on this picture. I put lots of photo all around my bedroom. I love to see those picture, to reminisce all the memories i have from those. As for now, i just can indulge on the memories, since i can't go out to make a new one.

 From there, there is my door and empty space i put my shoes and others stuff. Also there is big cabinet where i put lot of my stuff. I store lot of miscellaneous over here. My bag, my tudung, my other accesories and inside the cabinet. i put my paper bag (could never ever throw any of it, major problem) and others shoes i rarely use.

 My others babies, its been a while since i buy DUCK, last time might be for my birthday last year, or maybe wayy before that. I missing the race of heart once i see latest release, barely even open FV these days, not even up to date about their release any more.

I think that is all for my bedroom post today. Hope you having fun reading it! Wishing to write more, but i don't have any new topic to talk to. Till we meet again my favorite people!

Stay safe, stay indoor and take care.

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