Another year past by~

By Ainin Alya - January 14, 2021

Hello and greetings from a rainy day in Dungun. Rainy, windy and all of my favorite weather in between. Want to talk about 2020 so bad, but barely have a great stories happen last year. Those year when I thought would be amazing, just past by without anything good happen.

To summarize my 2020, it goes with, 3 months lock down, first and last trip to London, cancelled 2 trips, tons of foods, room makeover and plenty of break down. And silently judging everyone who decide to go on trip during pandemic. Like sis, me tooo, I want to travel too, but please be consider to everyone else. 

So what actually good about 2020? I get plentty of rest during MCO, like tons. Never I thought I will get sick of sleeping, for the first time I was like, can I not sleeping anymore. Also ohhh, I get my driver's license (note Olivia Rodrigo new song is a big jam), so I'm officially can drive around, but scaredy-cat in me said, not yet, never ever driving and I just decide to not.

In 2020, i also go hard core in k-drama, watch tons of drama, get back with Running Man & 2 days 1 night. Watch tons of Korea variety show. Fall madly in love with Ju ji Hoon (Kingdom & Along with God) and as for now, and maybe few more years, I'm going crazy for KIM SEON HO! yeappp.. both in variety and in drama. Damn boii is fine. With the prettiest smile, the kindest heart, the weirdest gag and mostly because boy is damn funny. Fangirling over kim seon ho does make this year better. Way better to end this ruthless year.

Like sis, just look at him. LOOK at him! damn boi are so fine. Thank You Kim Seon Ho! Thank you for being here. Arghh oppa betul lah die ni.

What else happen this year? Nothing basically nothing. Nothing good happen. So I will end my random post just so I have post form this year with a random seon ho oppa picture. Okay bye.

Till one day I have actually good stories to share. Muah xoxo. 

p/s: can i have my vaccine now? so i can fly to Seoul to meet my oppa right away.

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