By Ainin Alya - February 19, 2021

Urgently writing for the sake of my healthy mind. Been stuck for a fews month in Terengganu, suppose to have a shopping trip in KL this February, but damn Corona really love to mess up my plan. So no more shopping trip, and sis still doing my best to spent money. Like corona won't stop me from spending all the RM I have. 

Kakak been staying at Dungun since last December I think, can't remember the date anymore. So after work activities have been, eating and eating! Like tons of food. Like sis not eating any nasik anymore but gain tons of kg again. Oh also sis trying to stay as healthy as I can, eat clean, less sugar but lazy ass won't exercise. Never ever.

What else happen this fews month? Barely anything good, PKP doing good, tak boleh nak rentas daerah yet. So duduk dirumah literally. Watch tons of variety show, drama doing good, no good movie and heart still break apart. 

Barely could keep my mind sane nowadays. Get mad easily, hate the ideas of hanging out, prefer to be alone rather then with company and I am actually fine with that. I am okay with me be mad over everything, I am okay with ideas of be alone. It scare me a little about it.

Used to be a merry-go-lucky one, used to be the one with loudest laughs, used to be one of mastermind in unplanned things, don't even know her anymore. Maybe one day I will meet her again? or maybe I grew up to be nothing like I use too.

Till the day I have my laughs again. Lots of love.

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