My top 5 cities to visit

By Ainin Alya - March 25, 2021

Hello, it's me again. Really have been in the biggest slump of my life. Try my best to write, but as this day just past by like wind. Nothing good to talk about. So here I'm with a berangan post. A post of dream, something I barely have this day.

Traveling have been on hold since March 2020, so I will write about a dream. I have like a dozens of favourite cities, a few have been crossed. But like dozens more in the list. So to choose just 5, like the hardest thing ever. Been talking about traveling for few years now, google mostly everyday, even dream to live there. Long story short, here is my top 5..

New York City, USA

Been dreaming about New York since forever. Always imagine how beautiful NYC would look like in Christmas light, with all the snow, cold weather and the noise! Like sis is crave for the noises. How honk would sound, so vehicle make so much noise, deep down it calm me.

Blasting Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift in the background. With coffee in hand, hunting for good food, walk past Central Park, chase the train. One thing for sure, NYC will get the best of me. Also, one of my biggest dream is to shop at Bath & Body Works in USA. Need to cross the out asap.

Arghh to be lost in Times Square...

Arghh to chase over nothing in Times Square...

Arghh to find you in Times Square...

I have read a lot about USA, how to apply VISA, how much it's cost and best place to visit in NYC. It cost tons to travel here, been dreaming, might end up just dream. Oh also Taytay might still live in NYC, so sis need to see her around.

Vienna, Austria

One of the best Europe cities for me, there is tons of amazing place around Euro, but Vienna like wow. Have the prettiest view all around the year. Pretty Christmas market, pretty street, cosy cafe and all the view Vienna's ready to show off.

Need to see Stephansdom with my own eyes. Have been imagine myself in front of it. Already dream about myself over there. Vienna have one of the best Christmas market in this world. Imagine yourself, with a hot chocolate, warm pastry and tons of eyes candy to ease the cold. Arghh nothing beat a man with blue eyes. Nothing not even oppa, 

The best things about Europe is, we will get mix of old city and new city. Some place where the old architecture fit nicely with all the skyscraper. Where you will find its okay to walk 5km without complaining. I have always prefer walking instead of driving when I'm in a new city. You would never know what surprise you would meet in front.

Christchurch, New Zealand

What explanation is need when its New Zealand. One of the best cities for a road trip. New Zealand have been on my list since 2017, way before London. But don't know why, I can really make it happen. Once I think of New Zealand, other cities always win. But you are still dear to me Christchurch. 

Along also a big fan of NZ, she been talking about it since forever! We really need to make NZ a reality soon. Dear covid, go away. People are tired of you. Like for real tired! I Hate You!. Back to NZ. To drive from Christchurch down to Lake Tekapo, enjoying the mountain, the lakes and all the calmness. 

To actually seeing the millions star, to enjoying calm drive, and to eat! Yes to eat all the good food. One thing make any trip better. Also ride a cruise in Milford Sound, be drench with from waterfall. This kind of trip are better with people you can deal of. I hate the ideas of waiting, any road trip will be delay because we are busy waiting! Need to be here with my people. Not any new people.

Edinburgh,  Scotland

Edin, you're amazing, you're pretty, you're everything I need. during MCO, I use that time to plan my trip. without any date, I finish up the whole road trip to Edin from London, I write down a pretty places, a castle, tons of cafe, and when to see Edin at it finest. Where to go to see how beautiful Edin is.

I really fall in love with Edin, like wow, how could a city been this wonderful. From a walk at Princess street, to enjoying the view from Calton Hill, having an adventure at Edinburgh castle, the old town welcoming you with open hand. 

To visit Edinburgh in Autumn, fallen leaf, rainy day, cold weather. Really need my escape to the old city, arghh to be a clown in circus lane. To dancing like no one seeing in circus lane. There's so many thing you can enjoy in Edin, you can visit Arthur's Seat and channeling your inner Merlin, to shop at Princess street.  

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is my biggest Wishlist. The top of the list, the heartbreaker because it's far from other big city. But Budapest is the dearest. I don't even remember how I come across with Budapest, but since then, I always list it as the must visit city. Always told myself to keep Budapest as my honeymoon place, but as I reaching 30, those wish turn to dust. So I will cross Budapest by myself. Wish me luck!

To cross the bridge from Buda to Pest, to ride a cruise at night, cruising past The parliament building, to cry seeing this amazing building. To get the best view of the river and the charming building over. 

The Danube is the heart of the city, and no trip to Budapest is complete without a stroll in the Danube Promenade to take in the view. For real, Budapest have been closest to heart. Like how could I miss a city I never been, how could I long for something that far. Budapest always know the way.

To the day I could seeing this amazing beautiful building with my own eyes. To the days incoming. May I could cross Budapest out from my Wishlist. 

Okay, that is all from this random post. Still stuck with I want to write, but I got nothing to said. 

For one day, I can visit all this cities. and like tons more in my list.

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