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By Ainin Alya - November 04, 2021

16 - 17 October 2021

After a few months, by few i means 20 months without anything fun, anything to talk about. And finally after all that, interstate travel is on again. So here i am plan for trip almost right away. Contact Aja, and here we are plan for a 2 days trip to Kuantan. Book a random Hotel, but thanks goodness, the hotel is fine, has a few flaws, but totally fine.

Start our journal late than plan, the road jammed pack with people, who going crazy like us. So start our journey from Dungun around 10 a.m, and have so much fun on the road, singing to Taylor Swift, talk like crazy, up until i hurt my jaw.  Arrive at East coast Mall around 12.30 pm, and start our crazy shopping craze.

There's tons of people there, and every shop got a line, and hungry stomach can't wait. Aim for 4 Finger but sadly, they are not open for dine in yet. So end up finding somewhere else to eat. And others restaurant have like super long line, so the only choice is Kenny Rogers, like erm sis want something else.

The leg are super tired from all the shopping, even have to queue up for some store, like Uniqlo have line for both inside and outside. And this old me, just cant handle people anymore. Bought a new ring from Pandora because the salesman are super kind. Hajar buy me an early birthday gift, a card holder!!

So after hours there, check in and that a rest before going out again. The hotel is fine, GM Hotel in Kuantan city. Price wise, it are fine, location are fine, the only flaws is, we can't control the water heater, its to hot, even dah call receptionist pun, still sama. So just redha for a day. 

After that, we going to Teluk Cempedak, after years tak hangout there, last time i think when we are still in TATIUC, maybe around 2009. Jalan-jalan ambik gambar, even the lighting are mess, so masih lagi redha, line up for starbucks, trying the new drink, Pumpkin spice latte and its actually good. Buy a puff , and not up par for my liking.

Hangout and sembang up until, adik starbucks tu cakap dah nak tutup. So jalan around TC before balik to rest and start a new day tomorrow. Balik sembang lagi dengan hajar, eat again tons of extra food from the evening. Watch movie, and talk again.

Next day, still visit ECM again. Supposed to just pack 4fingers but dah terlajak untuk shop around again. And finally bought Bath and Body works, yesterday tahan lagi, today tak dapat nak tahan dah, terbeli jugak body mist.

Plan to eat at Sushi King, but sadly still not open because of sanitizing, so just roam around the mall, and end up at the Oiso Restaurant. Korean restaurant and the service is bad, but the food is amazing. Like hell its a good korean food. Order Chicken Galbi, Japchae and Hajar order Jajangmyun. Everything is super good. Worth every money.

Pose for tons of picture to, like tak peduli dah pasal other costumer, just bear with us, bukan selalu dapat berjumpa and take this million picture. And finally boleh tukar my profile picture. 

After that drive back to Dungun, and have so much fun, singing with my bestie, and the only person could finish all the missing lyrics. Can't wait to meet her again.  For our next trip this December.

18 October 2021

And today wake up early because the sisters nak buat BBQ. And sis just can just agree. So like usual, bile family ramai perempuan, terpaksa lah sis bakar ayam sendiri. Have so much fun, eat like tons, and after that sembang-sembang. And ambik gambar sikit-skit. And makan lagi. 

So bakar ayam and kambing, and ada mee hoon, ad sosej bakar and like usual sis love the morning weather, tak panas lagi. So bila dah panas sikit, terus lah ajak balik. Tak sanggup nak berlama tengah panas.

19 October 2021

Since esok dah kerja, today malas nak keluar sangat, but Along dah paksa ikut dia jalan, so pagi hari, Along ajak pergi breakfast dekat Kedai Kak Ha, so pergi lah, and tiba-tiba ajak pergi Terengganu, sis dengan ngantuk mata terpaksa rela lah pergi. Sampai sana pergi makan dekat Kedai Mat Binjai, food wise macam biasa je, price mahal sangat. After that beli fresh flower dekat kedai depan, like price are super cheap! Beli berlambak bunga. Singgah xopi terengganu bought coffee latte and iced lemonade. 

Balik Dungun, sambung tidur and recharge, because esok dah start kerja. Also its such a fun long weekend for me, after almost years tak jalan-jalan. Cant wait to have an amazing hangout again.

20 October 2021

Kakak and Kak eida tak balik lagi, so today Kakak ajak ke kopi tebing, do so major eating contest with la familia. Like order tons good food, sebab orang belanja kan. So bawak ramai giler budak-budak and yang tua-tua je lah makan banyak pun kan!

Order a pavlova a cupcake, taste amazing but price really mahal, and macam alamak macam mana nak jadikan favourite food kalau mahal macam ni kan. But others food are on reasonable price. Coffee are always good here.

25 & 26 October 2021

Jumpa Ain!! After a year tak jumpa Ain, finally jumpa dia. Decide to keluar dinner with her, kedai yang nak pergi tutup lah pulak, so lastly decide untuk dinner dekat Jujaya Cafe. What supposed to be a fine dinner end up a mess! So both of us order chicken grill, and a chicken wings. So at first they sent a chicken grill and chicken wings, so we just thought maybe another one will come soon after, after waits a few minutes, my chicken grill is nowhere to be find, so called the waiter again, and he thought we just order 1 chicken grill. Need to reorder my chicken grill, after almost 30 minutes my chicken grill is not here yet, so just decide to ditch it. Told the cashier yang one of chicken grill still tak sampai and just nak cancel, eh boleh pulak cashier tu pergi kitchen and the food is ready, and take like a minute untuk repack my order to take away. Laju pulak buat keje time tu!

Dah terlebih cerita dekat sini!!

So next day, Ain still nak jumpa i, so yep balik awal sikit from work, jalan-jalan area pantai seberang because Ain is craze for beach, beach depan rumah tak leh nak turun dah sekarang. Terpaksa menapak ke pantai orang lain. 

So after that, cari makan pulak. Ain want sotong celup tepung, and kedai dekat jalan pantai tu like penuh manusia, sempat lah celah-celah dekat kedai biasa pergi. Nasib baik tak full house sangat, still can enjoy our good food. Thank Ain support the meal for both of the day.

And till next time when i can write again. Bye bye

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